12 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

12 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

As wonderful as this time of year is, there’s no denying it gets a little crazy. So we’ve put together this handy list of 12 ways to get you through the holidays. And even though the 12 days of Christmas are technically December 25 through January 5, you can use these tips anytime. Good luck and Season’s Greetings!

1. Hot chocolate in a slow cooker.

Hot ChocolateKeep a slow cooker full of hot chocolate warm and available throughout the day. It just hits the spot on a cold December day.

2. Don’t wait to wrap.

Wrapping all your presents at once can be grueling. So try wrapping them as you buy them. It’ll keep you from the last-minute wrapping stress, plus you can start seeing presents under the tree sooner!

#EatSmartTip: Buy extra Scotch tape! It seems like you always run out on the last present.

3. Get a combo gift.

Instead of buying individual gifts for members of other families, get one present for the entire family. One suggestion is to make them a coupon good for one home-cooked meal (made from Eat Smart salads and veggies, of course).


4. Keep a couple of gifts handy.

Keep a few wrapped presents (varying in value) in your car or at home. Then if a coworker or neighbor surprises you with a little Christmas cheer, you can quickly give back.

5. Prioritize what you cook.

Save your precious prep-time for your homemade rolls and grandmother’s famous au gratin potatoes. Pick up delicious, ready-to-go salads and veggie trays—such as Eat Smart trays and salad kits—to help complete the meal.

6. Easy decorations.

To save money and storage space, customize some of the decorations you already have. Think of filling a vase with shiny tree ornaments, filling a bowl with red and green marbles, or tying ribbons around pillows on your couch so they look like presents.

7. Keep a master shopping list going.

It’s a lot easier when you can pick up more things at the store in fewer trips. We suggest having a list on your smartphone so you can add to it whenever inspiration strikes.

8. Remember to eat well.

You’ll get worn down at some point. Take a break from the cookies and candy canes, and have yourself a nice, energizing Eat Smart superfood salad. With so many delicious flavors, like Sunflower Kale or Southwest Salad Kit, there’s something healthy for any mood.

9. Take a breather.

The holidays are very stressful and it doesn’t always help to keep your head down and keep pushing. Schedule yourself an hour for self-pampering, whether that’s a massage, a nap, or a bubble bath. Because with everything you’re doing this holiday season, you totally deserve it.


10. Avoid the crowds.

Thank goodness for extended hours. Visit typically-busy malls and shopping centers especially early or especially late to avoid dreaded holiday crowds.

11. Traveling? Take it slow.

Get there safely. Leave early and bring along some Christmas music and some snacks (like our Eat Smart Vegetable Medley bags or petite trays) in case you and your little ones get stuck in traffic.

12. Don’t be afraid to accept help.

If someone offers to help you with the dishes or wrapping presents, take them up on it. You’ll get some much-needed help and they’ll feel great. After all, it is better to give than to receive.