6 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks

Cooking at home is great if you want to save money, eat healthier, or refine your cooking skills, but some days you just don’t seem to have the time. We gathered some of our favorite time-saving cooking hacks to share with you.

1.) Embrace the peel Carrots

Not all fruit and vegetables need to be peeled before eating. In fact, some of them keep a lot of fiber and nutrients in the part usually peeled away. So wash your carrots, sweet potatoes, and mangos really well and enjoy the whole shebang!

2.) Create a Trash Bowl

Avoid multiple trips to your kitchen trashcan by keeping a medium
sized bowl near your prep station for food scraps. Then, make one easy trip to the trashcan during clean-up, or use those scraps to add to your compost.

es-16-42_eblast_23.) Be Prepared

Homemade is the key to delicious dishes, but the prep can put you behind. Pre-cut and measure all your ingredients beforehand and cooking will be a breeze.

#EatSmartTip: Try our Eat Smart Vegetable Bags! All of the veggies are trimmed and washed so half the prep is done for you.

4.) Warm up to Citrus

Heat up lemons, limes, and oranges in the microwave for 15 seconds. Once warmed, you’ll be able to easily squeeze them and will get twice the amount of juice.

5.) Make a Little Extra

When you have the time to cook fresh chicken or grains, make a serving or two extra and store in the fridge. Then, reheat and pair with your favorite Eat Smart Salad Kit for a complete meal with almost no work!

es-16-42_eblast_36.) Use your built-in helpers

Time saved in the kitchen can go towards time spent with your kids. But why not combine the two? Ask older kids to prep veggies and supervise younger kids as they mix ingredients. You’ll get to teach your little ones valuable life skills and they’ll get some quality time with you. We call that a win.

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