Healthy Eating With Your Family

Family is Forever! A health first mindset is a mantra toward vitality and longevity for all family members. In recent years, many of the national ‘food guides’ have rebranded into ‘health guides’ with more focus on cooking, eating and savoring each mouthful in the company of your family and friends.

A great place to start eating healthy is right in your own home where health should be reflected in your everyday life.

Here are a few tips to help create a healthier house & home!

Beets & Greens1. If you buy it you will eat it!

Keep mostly healthy foods in the house. If many of these foods are convenient to prepare & serve, they will be consumed more often. Eat Smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits are a flavorful and easy Grab & Go option.

Try to limit non-nutritious foods & beverages within the household. Surrounding your family with foods that are closest to the farm will bring healthy choices for all. If you want to indulge in a not so healthy food, try to do so outside the home: plan it, go to it & enjoy it!

If you must bring it in the house for that special occasion (movie night), do so and enjoy it but only buy enough to truly make it special. Portion control is key!

2. Cut it up!

How many times have you heard “there is nothing in this house to eat”, yet the cupboards and refrigerator are bulging with fresh foods. Wash, cut and store fruits and vegetables so they are ready to be consumed. No time to prepare fresh vegetables for dinner tonight? Try the Eat Smart Vegetable Bags; always ready to savor.

snackingsavvy3. Snacking savvy!

Many children get home from school ravenous. They will eat or drink anything that can be quickly consumed. And, many parents are not home to make sure their children eat in a healthy way at this time of the day. To curb their appetite to the healthy side, have their favorite after school snack ready to go by cutting up a fruit or vegetable platter with some nutritious dip options. Chances are, they will eat it.

4. Move more!

Celebrate with your family the joys of being active. Spend some time outdoors doing your favorite activities such as playing hopscotch, rope skipping, bike riding or simply walking in your neighborhood.

Eating is to be enjoyed. Let’s make it a family affair as we cook, eat and savor our food, our environment and our health TOGETHER!

Health = Eating Well+ Being Active