A Higher Level of Nutrition

Fresh vegetables are central to healthy eating. And the 100% Clean Label helps assure you’re eating some of the healthiest veggies of all.

Our Beliefs


Vegetables Are Essential to a Healthy Diet

At Eat Smart, we strive to make it easy and delicious to include vegetables in your daily meal plan. Nutrient rich, and naturally low in calories, they provide the vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that help maintain your body and may reduce your risks for certain health problems.


All Food Should Contain a 100% Clean Label

What isn’t in the foods you consume is as important as the nutrients that are. That’s why we support the movement for 100% Clean Label products that are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and have committed to reformulating all our dressings, dips, and toppings that are not already 100% Clean. All Eat Smart products will be 100% Clean by the end of 2018.


Nutrient Rich Vegetables Provide Extra Benefits

At Eat Smart, we maximize nutrition with every delicious bite because we focus on nutrient-rich vegetables. Our vegetable salads deliver more nutrition than leaf lettuce salads while packing in more crunch and more flavor. Some veggies are particularly nutrient-packed. They’re the ones known as superfoods—and you’ll find them in many of our Eat Smart products.


Vegetables Can Be Delicious

Eat Smart proves that nutritious veggies can be delicious as well. Our culinary chefs specialize in creating tempting ways to balance the flavor profiles of various fresh vegetables, and complement them by adding unique blends of tasty ingredients. So you can savor cuisine with restaurant-quality flavor, just by opening a convenient package.


Healthy Eating Can Be Affordable

Eat Smart helps make healthy eating affordable. We offer multiple sizes of many of our products to reduce waste. We are reformulating our whole line to 100% Clean Label without increasing our prices or compromising flavor. We offer salad kits and blends with many ingredients that are much more affordable than creating these products at home.