October is National Eat Better, Eat Together Month

Why don’t we eat together anymore? We all know how hectic life can get. In fact, research shows that the average American eats one in every five meals in their car, and families report eating fewer than five meals together a week. But that simply just isn’t ok. We’re missing out on all the amazing social, physical and emotional benefits eating better together as a family can provide. So let’s turn National Eat Better, Eat Together Month into an all-year event.

5 Reasons to Eat Together Again

1. It teaches your kids healthier eating habits. We tend to mimic the meal habits with those we eat with, so let’s make sure those habits are healthy ones.
2. Improves social skills. Power down those tech devices and engage with each other as you eat. Don’t worry, you can have your gadget back later.
3. Creates stronger family communication. The family that communicates together stays together.
4. It might be the only “family time” of the day. We all have things to do, people to see, schedules to keep. This might be the one chance to spend some time with those who matter most.
5. Builds a family tradition. A moment in the day everyone looks forward to, and something your kids will fondly pass down to their kids.

Tips to Gather the Group for a Healthy Meal

  • Make a breakfast date with your kids on the weekends. Get everyone involved in the meal preparations. Let the kids mix the batter. Dad cuts up fruit. Everyone sets the table together, eats together and then clears the table together. Starting a weekend day as a family, what could be better?
  • Have a “No Excuses” night. A standing date, when everyone has dinner together, no matter what. No other plans take priority to this night. Take turns planning and cooking the meal. And make meal prep a snap with Eat Smart bagged veggies. They should always be on the guest list as well. 😉
  • Eat before evening events or right afterwards. Using a slow cooker, or cooking ahead on the weekends may help on super busy nights. Make the meal part of your event. And order your veggies ahead and have them delivered to your door with Eat Smart at Home. How convenient is that?
  • Always have easy meal ingredients on hand so meals at home can happen at the spur of the moment. Items like hearty canned soups, sliced cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches), pasta and jarred spaghetti sauce and of course Eat Smart Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits all work well for quick and healthy dinners.

We hope you get in some quality together time and enjoy all the rich benefits of eating together as a family. We’re always here to help make it a simple and delicious event.